The Rise of Nature-based Learning in International Urban Settings

In 2020, half the global population lived in cities, this is projected to reach 80% by 2050! It is therefore, essential we connect urban based children with the natural world, but how? Read about how three urban schools in three different countries are connecting early years children with nature.

The Rise of Forest Schools in the UAE

Forest schools and nature-based learning are on the rise. I spoke to the Which Schools Advisor author Susan Roberts about the benefits of learning in nature. Have a read about how different schools in the UAE are implementing their version of forest school.

Improving Childminding Services in the Seychelles

A number of years ago the Seychelles highlighted the urgent and drastic need for changes to be made in their early years sector. Click below and read the article published in the Early Years Educator Magazine on how they began regulating their childminder sector.

Early Years Education in Kenya

The Kenyan government has ambitious plans to revamp its schools system and include early years as part of mandatory schooling. Despite the many shortages hampering the drive a growing private early years sector is springing up in response.

Childcare in the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is developing at an amazing rate, and with a growing population, improving the education sector, especially the early years, is seen as vital to ensuring the nation’s continued success.

Supporting Deafblind Children in Kenya

There are only 5 primary schools across kenya that cater for deafblind children and 5 vocational centres. In the last year a new curriculum for the deaf and blind has been implemented to make sure all children receive a unified level of education and prepare them with life skills.

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