The formative years are undoubtedly the most important years and play a vital role in shaping our future. Young children therefore deserve the best start in life through safe, secure, rich, stimulating environments. My mission is to raise awareness of how important the early years are and to provide the best opportunities for all young children around the world.

By inspiring other early years enthusiasts just think how many little people’s lives we change!



What people say...


Ursie Phayre, Braeburn Schools, Kenya

Thank you very much for the amazing training over the past few days. I was hugely impressed with Clair's presentation skills and the material she used. I thought there was a great sense of combined endeavour and a great will among the SMT of the schools to develop their understanding of this area of our schools.

Peter Mathias, Educational Consultant and Inspector of Schools, UK

Thanks again for all your hard work and contribution to the week. I found your notebooks the most helpful out of all of those I worked on. You were very good in Kenya and I told Paul so!! It was great to have local knowledge. Hope we can work together again.

Ms Shirley Choppy, Director of the Institute of Early Childhood and Development, Seychelles

Your contributions and questions made the different sectors think about their National Action Plans. Thank you.

Miranda, Head of Early Years, Braeburn Schools, Mombasa, Kenya

You know what you are talking about! You have re-enforced and inspired us to start the year full of enthusiasm!


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